Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Gadget pr0n: the Samsung SCH-M7000

No one seems to know much at all about this sexy little mobile beast from Samsung, (I don't speak Korean or Russian unfortunately) but it's got a flip out screen revealing the QWERTY thumbpad much like the Danger Hiptop / T-mobile Sidekick, supports the new supa-fast (for us Americans at least) EV-DO data connection, runs Windows Mobile 2003 SE (why not Mobile 5.0 damn it!), a blazin' 520mhz processor, WiFi (802.11g i think!!), half VGA resolution TOUCH screen, and an SD memory card slot. I haven't decided which occupies my wet dreams more- this lil number or the HTC Universal. Props again to tha engadget peeps for poppin' this out first (in English at least!)
Link goes to Engadget.com


At 6/04/2005 10:52 AM, Anonymous engadgetboi420 said...

too sexy antonio, too sexy

At 6/07/2005 1:56 PM, Blogger Mac said...

nice link "ENGADGETBOI420"!! hahaha. NastySites.com, a staple of every bedside table in America.


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