Thursday, July 21, 2005

Back by Electro-Popular Demand: Yet2Be brings you The Knife - Pass This On music video

Back by Electro-Popular Demand we bring you the video to the song of the summer, Pass This On by the Swedish duet 'The Knife'. (300k WMV stream or website)

SPOILER:the dancing girl in the video REALLY IS A DUDE!
To put all hearsay and conjecture to rest, I've data-mined the vast corners of the Internets to find this behind the scenes synopsis of the video. Here's the dirt:

What we have here is a very beautiful woman getting ready to sing a song, but, upon further examination of the video, we see that it is a beautiful man (Rickard Engfors--the most famous and best drag artist in Sweden!) in a sensual green dress with matching blue pumps. Yayyy! A very gorgeous feline man with high cheek bones, and lovely lips and big beautiful eyes. Look at Rickard sway his hips and sweep his golden hair across his shoulders. And what wicked make up! I'm loving the Farah Fawcett hair. "Three's Company" all the way, eh!

So who is this Rickard Engfors fellow anyway? Yet2Be servin' up pics right here!



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