Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Gay influx turns crackhoods into real estate hot-spots

You've seen the warning signs: eurotrash pairs of men walking their miniature poodles down your street; Manly women mowing the lawn across from you; and a sea of Volkwagens clogging up your intersections... It can only mean one thing. THE GAYS ARE COMING!

Apparently, a plague of gay-locusts inundating your neighborhood is great for real estate values. Check out this article at TBO News.

The real estate agents were watching. They know the trend.

They put up their ``For Sale'' signs while whispering the worst-kept secret in real estate: Buy it fast once gays move in, because prices will soar.

It happened at Logan Circle in Washington, Midtown Atlanta, Chicago's Boystown. And it's happening in Tampa.


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