Monday, September 05, 2005

Media beating around the Bush on Katrina

You really think it took the US Government, the most powerful force in the world, over three days to begin evacuating people from the Superdome? Bush is , of many things, a racist. Those people are poor and black, they didn't vote for him and they don't fit into his plan for the American rich. If those people had been white yuppies huddling atop their Excursions and Hummers, Air Force one would have swooped down and rescued them in person.

When we finally did evacuate the stranded in New Orleans, they were treated like dogs- slowly loaded up into buses and shipped out to sporting arenas here in Texas. This is not a rodeo or a cattle auction, these are AMERICAN CITIZENS. Citizens who were ordered to sit and wait for days and days without food or water, but if they tried to get food for themselves they were to be shot and killed by the same people who could have been saving them.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of hotel rooms in the U.S. The 10 billion in govt aid could be paying for these people to stay there instead of paying for soldiers, machine guns, and MREs.

Bush is obviously concerned with saving private property, not lives. But hey, if he had it his way, we wouldn't have any black people to begin with. Or Muslims, or gays, or , or , or, pretty much anybody that's not a white christian.


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