Monday, November 28, 2005

Lamabox gives your living room illegal TV/Movies/Love via BitTorrent, eMule, Kazaa!

Plug this little set-top box into your home network and Television set. Tell it what shows and movies you like. It goes out and scours the Net for your HD episodes of Desperate Housewives and downloads them all through the legal gray-waters of Bit Torrent, eMule, Kazaa, and all those household name P2P networks you grew up on. The Lamaboxes come with internal hard drives (200-500+gb) and optional DVD burners in case you fill them up. It gives you an easy to control on-screen interface for navigating and playing your freshly pirated content. Disruptive technologies like this are always relegated to foreign countries at their onset, but have a tendency to asplode onto the mainstream very quickly (with the help of blog articles like this!). NBC/ABC/CBS/HBO/[insert_network_name_here] will all crumble under the power of P2P! Bring it on!

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