Thursday, January 12, 2006

I just bid on a custom Apple "iTab" tablet iBook!

The geeks at ThePlaceForItAll have created 100 custom tablet PC's out of G4 iBook laptops. It's got a touch screen and stylus, and comes with some games to take advantage of the Mac's motion sensors. Move the tablet up, down, left ,right, to control the game in the air. Pretty sweet! How come ole' Steve Jobs hasn't come out with one of these. He sure does love his Keynote speeches, this would cause the Mac fanboys to cream/poop their pants at the same time. There are only 100 of these; and they're numbered and autographed by the creators.

Check out the iTablet at Theplaceforitall

Check out the eBay auction, I am the top bidder at the time of this post!


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