Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Gadget pr0n: the Samsung SCH-M7000

No one seems to know much at all about this sexy little mobile beast from Samsung, (I don't speak Korean or Russian unfortunately) but it's got a flip out screen revealing the QWERTY thumbpad much like the Danger Hiptop / T-mobile Sidekick, supports the new supa-fast (for us Americans at least) EV-DO data connection, runs Windows Mobile 2003 SE (why not Mobile 5.0 damn it!), a blazin' 520mhz processor, WiFi (802.11g i think!!), half VGA resolution TOUCH screen, and an SD memory card slot. I haven't decided which occupies my wet dreams more- this lil number or the HTC Universal. Props again to tha engadget peeps for poppin' this out first (in English at least!)
Link goes to Engadget.com

Friday, May 27, 2005

DIY iPod Shuffle Skinz/Tattoos

I had some extra time @ work today and decided to give my Shuffle a
makeover. Pearl White gear is sooo 2004.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Lumiloop Reactive Bracelet / Candy Ravers' ultimate orgasm

Oh what I would have done for one of these back in 1999... This candy raver inspired bracelet displays motion graphics on its tiny (and lo-res) LED displays. The cool part is, these graphics respond to your actual movements!! Dust off your Kimball Collins - ICU cd, pull on a pair of Kikwears, and do the cracked out raver stomp like its 1999!
Lumiloop is a modular system of program and display panels that can be chained together to form a reactive bracelet. Each display module features a small 8x8 LED matrix, dynamically driven by an interchangeable program module. The program modules holds different display programs and include varying sensors for the bracelet to respond to. A program module with an accelerometer interprets gestural motions of the wrist and generates illuminated patterns in response.

Lumiloop Reactive Bracelet from MintyMonkey.com

Nintendo Phone? Hack your DS to make voice calls over VoIP!

The hotties at Engadget have the real story:
DSpeak is basically Voice over IP calling using the wireless capabilities of the Nintendo DS. Using a connected headphone/microphone, DSpeak allows you to hold conversations with other DS users via WiFi, and the audio quality is reportedly “perfectly fine, as good as a mobile phone.” Plus, you get little Mario and Wario icons moving their mouths when you speak — come on, Vonage, how you gonna beat that? The software itself will be available as a free download, and the booth boy told us that they’ll be including headsets with DSpeak-compatible games (the headset will probably also be available for sale separately for some nominal fee). Otherwise that’s about all we know—we couldn’t squeeze a release date out of them, and no one at the Nintendo booth knew a damn thing about the actual technology they were demoing.

DSpeak Voice over IP Phone for Nintendo DS

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Hangin with the Dark Side @ Episode III Premiere

I'm really not a Star Wars freak, I promise. But who wouldn't want their pic snapped 'longside the star of the show, the dark lord himself. We got last minute tickets to the opening showing of Episode III Revenge of the Sith at midnight Wednesday night. Getting home at 4am when you have to be Net Admin'in' at work at 8am is not such a good idea however...
Link to Alamo Drafthouse

Saturday, May 14, 2005

snoop dog show live in s.a.t.x. v.I.p. muthafuckah!

b'lee dat

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Impromptu Chat Rooms leading cause of productivity loss


Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The all powerful HTC Universal communicator from the future

I'm lusting over this new does-everything-you-could-possibly-imagine all in one super phone from HTC. Supposedly shipping globally in the second half of 2005, the 'HTC Universal' runs the brand-spankin' new (as of yesterday) Windows Mobile 5.0 OS, has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, a massive VGA touchscreen, TWO video cameras for live videophone calls, high speed 3G data connection, a blazin' fast 520mhz processor, and a full QWERTY keyboard for thumbing out messages.
I can't wait to ditch my Sidekick II phone when this baby comes out.

Details at Engadget.com

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

iPod Shuffle? Isch Don't Think So~! its the Luxpro Super Tangent

Mister Steve Jobs over at Apple is surely thrilled to see yet another knockoff of his iPoop line of products. This one is actually cool though. Not only does it NOT have the lame Digital Rights Management (a.k.a. erase your iPod instead of let you share tracks with friends) that iPod and iTunes have, it also can encode MP3s direct from its line-in feature; letting you rip off live Radiohead concerts with style. Another bang its got on the Shuffle is an integrated FM tuner; for those of us still sucking on the Clear Channel/Infinity Broadcasting teet.
So all these extra goodies are going to cost ya right? NO! This baby's made in Taiwan and pays no allegiance to our pathetic "copyright" or "patent" laws. Pick it up for 8980 Yen, or about $85USD - 15 bones cheaper than its fruity step brother Shuffle.

Monday, May 09, 2005

tha Lacklustah drum n bass riddim'


Ancient Tibetan Ritual Music, A Glowing Crystal, and UFO Sighting


Dump of some Sidekick pics, papparazzi di djmac

BORAT: is niiice~!
BRUNO: pffff, very ish don't think so....

Spy Shots of the new yet2be moblog!

this sketchy spy shot was sent to us from some unkown time in the
future. The time traveler who sent it to us wishes to remain anonymous,
citing future ramifications.