Sunday, June 19, 2005

80mph desert chat with friends sailing across the French Riviera

lacklustah: go spurs, tuesday night, we get crunk stay crunk
fbones808: yoyoyo!
lacklustah: hey hey
fbones808: where you at chulo~
lacklustah: sailing from france to denmark
fbones808: right now?
fbones808: you're sailing?
lacklustah: hit paris yesterday by meself, and we get into copenhagen
tomorrow at like 7
lacklustah: sailin on this cruise ship
fbones808: that's awesome man, I am in a car in arizona near tucson with
amy webber
lacklustah: nice
lacklustah: when you comin back?
fbones808: next sunday
lacklustah: ahhh
fbones808: we're partying with jocelyn in l.a. tonite
lacklustah: any big news?
lacklustah: screen in the gti?
lacklustah: comacho get car?
lacklustah: oh sweet
fbones808: yes, carputer & screen is in the gti
fbones808: yeup, he got a Civic
lacklustah: righteous
fbones808: chek tha blog for updates chulo~
lacklustah: well I'll miss the paperboy at the office this week
fbones808: lol~
fbones808: I missed my paperboy for the past 2 weeks!
fbones808: amy says hiii
lacklustah: oh new haircut! :-*
lacklustah: hi amy!
fbones808: ohh my haircut is ridiculous
lacklustah: stripes?
fbones808: and no one has said a thing
fbones808: 2 stripes / steps
fbones808: on 1 side
fbones808: other side just 1 step
fbones808: mullet in back
lacklustah: lol
lacklustah: from Folawns?
fbones808: yes
fbones808: for free!
lacklustah: nice
lacklustah: ohhhhhh
fbones808: they didn't charge me cause it was so different
fbones808: lol
fbones808: "different"
lacklustah: lol
lacklustah: sweet
fbones808: what are u using for net access
fbones808: I'm on the sidekick doin 80mph in the desert
lacklustah: haha, "uhhh this is barely a haircut, we cant charge you"
lacklustah: im on the ship
lacklustah: its like a dollar a minute
lacklustah: needa hack
fbones808: amys drivin the bug
lacklustah: sweet
fbones808: hahaha damn
lacklustah: well i gotta get off actually
fbones808: gonna be in san fran for GAY PRIDE, how convEEEnient
fbones808: lol
lacklustah: gotta save my last 10 minutes for the morning
fbones808: ok
lacklustah: but ill holla on tuesday
fbones808: safe as houses mate
lacklustah: later, hava blast
lacklustah: gay pride !
fbones808: u2
lacklustah: lol
lacklustah: houses
fbones808: yes!
fbones808: hahaha
lacklustah: keep it chulostyle over in san fran
fbones808: hellz yeh
fbones808: u know it
fbones808: haha
fbones808: ok man ttys
lacklustah: haha
lacklustah: later man
lacklustah: lacklustah signed off at 4:28 pm.



At 6/21/2005 5:24 PM, Anonymous ya boy lak said...

made the blog bitches!!!!! recognizada!!!!


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