Friday, July 08, 2005

"INFILL", the turnkey Media Center PC for your Car.

This sexy little bitch fits into any car's standard double DIN car radio slot and offers up a DVD drive, GPS navigation, TV tuner (for connecting to mobile satellite receiver I presume), 40gigs of hard drive space for movies, music, app's, and is even upgradeable via a spare mini-PC slot. It runs on a 1.6ghz Eden chip and can even run Windows XP Media Center Edition if you like. The screen is all touch, and they include a snazzy on screen interface for ease of use. While my homebrew carputer can do all of this, the INFILL has a one up on me in its ability to interface with the car's computer somehow and display driving speed and other engine stats. Damn you Japanese, always one step ahead!

MORE pics and story via Akihabara News


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