Monday, October 03, 2005

Falling approval ratings spawn artistic Bush creativity

I saw the original, non-politically charged, version of this a few months ago. But this new iteration is an interactive reflection of a socio-political trend in America.
To me, the bubbles are the many disparate religious, ethnic, and corporate sects that make up our great country. Bush, limp and oblivious, falls blindly downward, rubbing against and dividing the bubbles further.
OK- maybe that's a ridiculous interpretation. Post your version in the comments!

PS- don't forget you can control Bush's downward spiral with your mouse. Go ahead, flop him around those bubbles- it feels good.


At 10/04/2005 2:58 PM, Blogger Jack Harris said...

Hey Mac, it's your little BRO. form TEXAS! So I would have to say that Bush is finally on the ball! Right?? Call

At 10/05/2005 3:39 PM, Anonymous lak said...

^^^^ lol, pwned


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