Wednesday, November 30, 2005

MobiBLU's new video player lets you pay your subway fare with RFID

I love my mobiBLU 1500 (one inch cubed) mp3 player. I can't go a single day on the subway without someone asking me about it. Now they've come out with a new contender in the form of the picture/video playing MobiBLU 1800. Aside from a 'I'm cooler than you' form factor, it's got a new killer app. They've integrated a RFID chip into it. This means you can fill up the player with money (sort of like you do with pre-paid cell phones) and use the player as your e-wallet to pay for various things. In Korea, you can simply walk past the subway turnstiles and the MobiBLU automagically deducts your fare from your balance, all while stowed out of sight in your pocket. The future is now! (in Korea).


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