Monday, June 20, 2005


Resting our engines on the west coast in the infamous Santa Monica, CA. By the generous hospitality of the one, the only, Lisa "McFoof" McPherson, we are being put up for the night in a big bed of old friends and catching up. The weather reading from our thermometer has gone from New Mexico 98º, Arizona 111º, and finally a smooth 78º coastal california! Have plans for a sushi lunch in the morning, run around on the beach, and take in the unexpected sights and rushes of our spur of the moment pilgramage to the west. Tommorow the journey moves north, where our final destination lies 500 miles north. Why don't we all do this more often?? Oh, and I just recalled the free green chile omelete breakfast in New Mexico was top notch, nicest community of people that either of us have met! If ever in Mesilla New Mexico, check out the Meson de Mesilla. till next time........


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