Monday, July 11, 2005

Tom Cruise's badass Minority Report computer is real!.. next year.

At least three companies have working prototypes of a gesture controlled human-machine interface like the one we all drueled over in the movie Minority Report. You know, the high tech PreCrime command center where Tom Cruise sifts through tons of information and video by grabbing it with his hands and moving it all about. It's being funded by the US Military for use in future crisis command centers where one person operating the device could perform the equivilent of 20 or more army cadets manning regular PC workstations.

"Your hand becomes the equivelent of 5 or 6 mice"

One company claims they will bring the product to market by the end of 2006. Just in time for the busy 3D hand-computer interface buying craze of next Christmas. I said it, you read it.


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