Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hack your iPod Nano to play video!

The biggest drawback to the nano was that it didn't play videos like its new big brother pod (the "new iPod" or "iPod Video" whatever you want to call it). Well thanks to the ipodvideo linux project, now you can! The process involves upgrading the nano's firmware and installing the team's open source software to replace that from Apple. Once said and done, you can watch full motion, full sound videos on the pencil thin player. So far it only plays raw AVI videos, but more codecs are on the way (think ASF, MPEG, etc).
A few weeks ago hackers ported the legendary first person shooter game DOOM onto Apple's tiny iPod nano. The game's sound doesn't work, but you can still get decent gameplay on the little Pod's color screen.

Your nano deserves a little video love too!


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