Wednesday, July 13, 2005

ECCO Design's concept phone.

This future-phone is absolutely amazing. For a glimpse into 2008, just this quote from the designer alone makes me crap my pants:

"The fuel cells will also enable the pull-out tab [screen]used for messaging to have no physical screen by using the cells' byproduct of non-turbulent water vapor released in a continuous stream within the frame. A small projector inside the handset shines images onto the thin layer of vapor."

Ummm... yeah.. a touch screen that's made out of water vapor? Awesome! It'll also have 8 gigabytes of storage, a multitude of wireless technologies (think UltraWideBand, WiMAX, 802.11x, and all those little guys in between), a high MP digital camera with 3x optical zoom. The liquid camera lens consists of water and oil smashed between 2 plates of glass. The focal point and aperture of the lens changes when electrical current is applied. Amazing.

ECCO also predicts we'll all have 60 gigabytes of storage in our PHONES by 2013. I wonder what desktops and notebooks will be backing by then. Comments?


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